Price list

The DPA prices for the 2014 season are as follows


 Session  Off peak price per person
 (weekdays before 14.00)
 Peak price per person
 (weekdays after 14.00 and all day weekends)
 Intro to polo  DKK 750,-  DKK 1000,-
 Private polo lesson (1 hour)  DKK 750,-  DKK 1000,-
 Private polo lesson (1/2 hour)  DKK 375,-  DKK 500,-
 Group lesson (2 or more people)  DKK 500,-  DKK 1000,-
 Instructional chukka  DKK 750,-  DKK 1000,-
 Regular chukka (7,5 minutes)  DKK 750,-  DKK 1000,-
 Corporate day / team building
(see Corporate menu tab for info)
 DKK 750,-  DKK 1000,-



Club membership prices 2014

 Senior membership
(membership required after five sessions)
 DKK 5000,-
Junior membership
(until the age of 16)
 DKK 1500,-
(Unlimited lessons and chukkas on DPA horses, incl. membership fee)
 DKK 50000,-
Social/support and Out of Country membership  DKK 1500,-



Voucher prices 2014

After your introduction programme, we invite you to become a DPA member and buy a DPA voucher from which your DPA activities will be subtracted

Voucher 1: Recieve a voucher worth DKK 5000,- with 10% discount  DKK 4500,-
Voucher 2: Recieve a voucher worth DKK 10000,- with 15% discount  DKK 8500,-
Voucher 3: Recieve a voucher worth DKK 20000,- with 20% discount  DKK 16000,-
Voucher 4: Recieve a voucher worth DKK 40000,- with 25% discount  DKK 30000,-



Please respect our non-negotiable prices; we are a non-private/non-profit sports association.




DPA itself is insured through:

Members and other individuals participate in any DPA activities entirely at their own risk