Intro to polo

80% of all taking up Polo are over 40 years old with no horse riding experience!


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If you think that polo is a sport you would like to try, then here is a short description of the introduction lesson “Intro to Polo”. The “Intro to Polo” programme is about 2 hours. Depending on your individual capability, you will usually get around an hour on a horse that fits your size and skills. We strive to give you as much polo riding time as possible – once you are confident swinging the mallet. Here is a schedule for our basic intro programme:

  1. History of polo, the game, and tactics in general
  2. Foot mallet (short club) hitting technique on the ground
  3. Explanation to horse, tack & equipment
  4. Long mallet hitting technique on wooden horse
  5. Basic riding – and “stick and ball” on real horse

As seen, you will experience playing polo on your first day! Depending on riding skills, this will be in walk or canter (short gallop). Later on, and with improved polo riding skills, more speed will be added. Nevertheless, safety is the number one priority as well as control of your horse and the swing of your mallet, so we are confident that you and the horse are safe at all times. We in the Danish Polo Association are looking forward to seeing you for an “Intro to Polo”!