Below are listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive in DPA. You are welcome to contact us with more questions via the Contact page.


Q: I am over 40 years old and have never ridden a horse. Can I try polo?
A: Yes, of course you can, unlike other equestrian disciplines polo is open to beginners of all ages.  We will teach you safely how to play and love this wonderful game. We dare to say that you will have experienced playing polo after your first day!
80% of all taking up Polo are over 40 years old with no horse riding experience!

Q: I have limited time – will I have to catch, groom and tack up the horses?
A: Included in the prices: when arriving for your booking the horses will be fully tacked up and ready for you = plug and play.

Q: I am scared of horses – can I try anyway?
A: Polo ponies are different to other horses, their character is less hot and they are very gentle creatures bred for generations for their docile temperaments, we will help alter your perception of horses.

Q: I don’t even own a riding hat, let alone any equipment – can I try anyway?
A: No problem, we can provide you with everything.

Q: I want to fast track in polo can you help?
A: We can organize intensive courses with expert coaching and instruction; we also have links with larger clubs in the UK for further polo development.

Q: Isn’t polo a very expensive sport?
A: Lesson prices etc are differentiated according to weekday vs weekend and instructional vs regular chukka and personal vs group lesson. Please see our Price list. DPA acknowledge the very different activity levels of our members. For the 2014 season we have extended our voucher system including an increasing amount of discount the more you pay up-front per voucher. In this way we also award you for reducing our administration.
Hence, prices range in practice from kr. 188,- for 30 minutes group lesson (2 or more people) in off-peak time bought via our largest voucher (Voucher 4) to kr. 900 for a full private lesson in peak time bought via our smallest voucher (Voucher 1).
Buying and owning a polo pony is comparable to an Icelandic horse in cost. Personal equipment is riding hat (DPA can lend you one), jeans, chaps (DPA can lend you a pair). Later on a mallet, kneepads, gloves and boots is usually the part of your polo kit – that’s it.
We believe that Danish horse owners and riders as well as golfers etc. will in reality not find this sport expensive. But you can take it to the heights you want.

Q: When would I have to become a member?
A: After the 5th post-Intro lesson or chukka membership is required.

Q: What is the membership fee?
A: Senior membership kr. 5.000,-,  Junior membership kr 2.500,-, and Social/support membership kr. 1.500,-. All includes SPR membership.

Q: Which privileges does the Founder Member (FM) include?

A: Only available upon establishing in 2012. The privilege was mainly to be part of making Danish history – supporting this challenging task of starting this (non-profit) sports association – and the founder amount is transparently converted to polo time. That is, polo lessons/chukkas on DPA ponies (vouchers equaling the founder amount). The FM is not necessarily personal – a group of people can share. Also, the vouchers can be used for guests. FM certificates will be issued and the list will be published – a FM name board will also be made for future clubhouse decoration. If the club folds the fixed assets (ponies etc) will be sold and the income equally shared between Founder Members minus respectively used pony time.

Q: How is DPA organized as a sports association?
A: DPA is a department in Sportsrideklubben (SPR). SPR is Danmark’s largest and oldest Equestrian Association and includes other departments like hunting, show jumping, military etc. www.sportsrideklubben-spr.dk/ SPR is a member in Dansk Rideforbund (DRF) that in turn is a member of Dansk Idrætsforbund (DIF).

Q: How do I pay for Intro, my membership fee, lessons and chukkas?
A: DPA’s account at Nordea: reg. no. 2266 and account no. 6277 578016. Please state your name and purchase – then the SPR treasurer will register you according to amount transferred.

Q: Are polo ponies small horses?
A: The term pony is actually wrong but a reminiscent from old times.  Horses used for polo have a maximum of 163 cm in height (the limit for the pony term is 148 cm)

Q: Do I have to own my own horse?
A: No, DPA will have polo ponies that can be rented. However, members’ own polo ponies are encouraged and DPA can facilitate finding a pony for you.

Q: Can I ride my own polo pony in DPA?
A: Yes, if you have a polo pony – you are very welcome to ride it in DPA. Different share options are also encouraged.

Q: I have a very nice horse, that I know very well. Can I use it for polo?
A: Only horses trained for polo can be used in DPA.

Q: What breed is a polo pony?
A: Although they are not recognized as a distinct breed, polo ponies are truly unique horses that combine the traits of a number of breeds. The equestrian sport of polo demands the quick burst of speed seen in Thoroughbred horses. The complexity and strategy of a polo match requires the intelligence of Arabian horses. And the rapid turn of play in pursuit of the ball necessitates the agility of Quarter horses. In the United States, Thoroughbred horses are usually bred with Quarter horses to produce polo ponies. Since 1930 some of the best polo ponies have been produced in Argentina. The Argentines cross Thoroughbred horses with their local Criollo horses. Some racing horses are retrained to polo with great success.

Q: Can I help take care of the ponies?
A: Yes, as a non-profit sports association all voluntary help is welcomed.

Q: Where is the club located?
A: DPA will function at Dyrehavegård in Lyngby from the season 2014. As a new sport in Denmark everybody is encouraged to act flexibly in the existing environment.

Q: When is the season?
A: We launch April through September – outdoors on grass field – weather permitting. We will try to organize arena (“all-weather”) polo, when the weather inhibits polo on grass field, and during the winter season we organize trips to our “friend polo clubs” all over Europe, but trips to e.g. Argentina can also be arranged.